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How You Can Help

Consistency is necessary among all caregivers, especially parents, for quick andefficient therapy. Educating yourself and your family about the therapist’s therapeutic techniques is a useful strategy to enable you and your child to gain from their services. Families that have a solid grasp of the ABA therapy’s guiding concepts, methods, and teaching strategies and are eager to apply them to their daily activities may notice a significant rise in the number of significant changes in their child’s life. After all, raising a child requires a village, and your ABA company is a great addition to that village.

Helpful Websites

ABA Information

Behavior Analyst Certification Board | 1 (720) 438-4321


Autism Speaks on ABA | (888) 288-4762 |

Florida Family Resources

Florida Health- Autism Resources | (850) 245-4444 |
AHCA | (888) 419-3456


Autism Society Support Group- FL | (407) 207-3388 |

Autism Society Resoruces- FL | (407) 207-3388 |

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ABA Information

Positive Reinforcement

Positive Reinforcement